Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Meet Alexis, Blog Contributor

Fave color:  Light blue

Interests: Drawing, reading, cooking

Fave movie: Green Lantern

Fave music: No country!I crave Party Rock Anthem!

Fave genre:Fantasy

Fave reading quote: "Life is reading to books."

Fave author: Suzanne Collins

Fave book:  Huger Games

Luv of Reading: Reading is awesome! I wish I could read all day everyday.I always stay up past my bedtime reading.

Why did I choose to do this?I want to share my pasion for books with the commuttity.I want people to have the chance to be a good reader.

Totaly Random Question: 2 wishesMy first wish would be to fly.
Why?So I can get around much faster and it would be awesome to have wings.
My second would be to have a never ending suply of mint chocolate ice cream.
I would like this because I love ice cream and Ieat sooo much of it!

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