Thursday, March 8, 2012

Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix

  Among The Hidden is a book including many mysteries. The people at that time could only have two children because of the population problem. Luke, a shadow child had to hide from the Population Police or else he have to die. One day, Luke tried to look out his bedroom window, in other words the attic, and thought that he saw a face in his neighbor’s home. He decided to go over to their house after everyone was either at school or work. In the house he found a girl named Jen. They became great friends and Luke came over to her house every day. One day, Luke went to Jen’s house and she told him about a rally that she was going to attend. Luke kept trying to stop Jen from going because he knew that she would get killed. Of course Jen, being Jen went to the rally and got killed by the Population Police.
  Luke went to her house the next day, thinking that nobody would be home, and got caught by Jen's father. He tried to hide because her father happened to be part of the Population Police. Thankfully, he did not kill him because Luke was Jen's friend. You will have to read the book Among the Hidden to find out more!
Blog Post Written By: MEAGAN GUEST


  1. What a wonderful summary! You should read the other 6 books, as well! They are sooo good! Tell Mrs. Neal that she should read them too :-)

    Miss Radka

  2. Im a student in Miss Radka's class.I loved it soooo much that it felt like I was reading the book its self. You're an amazing writer!


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