Monday, April 9, 2012

Guest Poster: Isabella from Spilling Ink Club

Here Is My I Dare You
This is the one where you have to write about a person who gets a box

One Friday after school, Lynetta took a walk in Rome-Around Park. Suddenly, a man stepped out behind a tree with a sealed box in his hands. His frizzy hair bounced as he speed-walked over to Lynetta before she turned to go back home. Instantly, Lynetta began to jog when she saw the crazy man, but he caught up with her and gently set the box in her hands.
“Don’t let anything happen to this! Come back tomorrow at this exact time and place!” he said, and scurried off.
Lynetta stared at the Styrofoam box with tape sealed around its openings. She noticed a small crack with weak tape and thought, if I took off that tape, I could peek and see what’s inside of there!
She slowly peeled off the tape, and inside she saw twin pearls white as snow. She took them out carefully and had an idea.
The next day, Lynetta hid the pearls in her drawer and replaced them in the box with her mom’s fake pearl earrings. She taped the box back up and rode her bike to the park. The man stood there with his arms folded.
“Here they are! I guarded them with my life,” she said.
The man smiled, took the box, and ran off. Lynetta just grinned.

About the Author:
Isabella Cadena was born in January in Lagoona Hills, California. She loves creative writing and she loves her 4th grade teacher. Some intersting facts are: she has been out of the country before, in Italy. She currently lives in Fort Worth with her 3 siblings: Nadia (7), Ezra (5), and Desmond (who is 2). In her free time she will: WRITE! That's right. She wants to become an amazing New York Award Winning, published author. Her favorite genre is fantasy, so she wants to write something fantasy!

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  1. She sounds like an AMAZING girl! I personally LUV reading all her work! I predict that some of her work will be published one day...I'm saying...:)


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